Mission: Digital Learning Specialists train, model, and support the integration of technology to increase academic achievement for all students in Clayton County Public Schools.


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Clayton County Public Schools has identified three instructional priorities:

* Literacy Across the Curriculum      * Critical Thinking       * Integrated Technology

Priority three directly states the role of the Digital Learning Department.

• The team will address the integration of instructional technology into the daily lessons and routines of the classroom teacher.
• This team is specifically trained to understand the technology that has been procured by the district and insures that these resources are actually used wisely and effectively.
• Clayton County Public Schools has already provided many technological resources for the classroom use, but the challenge is that many teachers do not how to use these resources and many do not even know that these resources exist.
• The department of Digital Learning will raise awareness of the resources, train teachers on the usage, and finally guide teachers in strategies to put this technology in the hands of the students.