Helping Students Claim Their Accounts on the CCPS Portal

If you are confused about how to assist students in claiming their accounts on the CCPS Portal, please review these helpful tips.


Starting the Account Claim Process

Students should start the account claim process by accessing the CCPS Portal at  They should select “Claim My Account” and enter the requested information.

View the video demonstration below.


If you do not see the video above, please click HERE.

Claim Account Error Messages

Claim Account Operation Failed

If the student receives a message “Claim Account Operation Failed”, this is due to one of the following reasons.

  1. The student has already claimed the account. The student needs to try to log into the portal. If he/she cannot remember his/her password, he/she needs to click “Need Help” from the CCPS Portal, enter their username (S and student ID# Example: s1234567) and then will be prompted to answer their challenge questions.
  2. The student is entering his or her information incorrectly.  Students MUST enter their last name, first name, and student ID (with a zero) EXACTLY how it appears in Infinite Campus. Hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, etc… must be entered as they appear in Infinite Campus.

Helpful Tips for Students Having Trouble Logging In

For the students who have already claimed their account but are having issues logging in, they will need to follow the steps below.

  1.  Clear the browser history to make sure that it is not caching the information of a previous student.  If this does not work, proceed to Step 2.
  2.  Select “Need Help” from the Login menu.  Students will need to choose “Forgot My Password” in which they will be presented with a series of challenge questions.  If students respond correctly, they will be allowed to change their password.  Please note that the password should be new.  The system will not accept a password that was used in the last 90 days.

3.  If students have forgotten their challenge questions or the system presents them with “Challenge Questions Not Up to Date“, the Technology Department will have to reset their accounts. Please create a ticket with the category of “Instructional Technology”.  State the name(s) AND student IDs of students that should be reset.  Include the following information on the ticket.

Firstname Lastname StudentID# (with the zero)

After the accounts are reset, students will need to go through the claim process again, from the beginning.

Common Student Log in Issues


Authentication Failed

If students are receiving the “Authentication Failed” message when attempting to log on to the CCPS Portal, they are using incorrect credentials. Please verify that the student is logging in with the username of s0(followed by the student ID).


Other Helpful Tips

  • Once a student begins the process of claiming their account, make sure that he or she completes all the steps in one session.
  • Once a student begins the claiming account process, he or she should NOT hit the browser’s “back” button.
  • A student should not close tabs or the browser until the process is complete.
  • Students need to add a zero to the front of their student ID during the claim account process. We have seen some students try to enter the letter “O” instead of a zero.
  • When claiming an account, students MUST enter their first and last name EXACTLY as it appears in Infinite Campus (Hyphens, apostrophes, spaces in names, spelling, etc…).
  • Make notes of answers to challenge questions. Only answer THREE.  
  • If a student forgets his/her password, he or she will need to reset it. In order to reset a password, students must be able to answer their 3 challenge questions.
  • If the account has been reset and a student receives “The Account Claim Operation Failed” message, try using a new password.

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