Edmodo for Primary Students

Common Core Standards (CCS) has made the task of preparing our students for the 21st century an easier endeavor. CCSS guides teachers by including technology language in numerous standards, starting in Kindergarten. The areas that reflect a heavy integration of technology is Writing and Speaking/Listening. Some of the standards require students in grades K – 2 to produce and publish writing with guidance and support from adults, explore a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, interact and collaborate with peers, receive information through diverse media, and create audio recordings.

Edmodo is a safe and easy way for students to meet the CCS that has a technology focus. Below you will find a list of standards and examples of how Edmodo and other technology can be used in order to master some of the ELA standards in grades K-2.


W.K.6, SL.K.2

  • Type a sentence using positional words and post it to the Edmodo group.
  • Type a written paragraph that reflects their opinion based on audio text or text that has been read verbally.
  • Answer questions to show understanding of information that has been presented through the quiz feature or by replying to a post.
  • Write a paragraph on animal characteristics and post a picture that represents that animal.
  • Watch a video (uploaded to Edmodo by teacher) from Starfall on Letter Sounds and write one word that was introduced in the video.

First Grade:

W.1.6, W.1.8, RI.1.5

  • Type a paragraph about the contributions made by a historical figure. Include a picture of the contribution in the post.
  • Respond to math problems such as, how many tens and ones are present, how many tens and ones are in a problem, sorting objects into groups and listing those groups. This activity can be extended by having students explain how they arrived at their answer and why they took the steps to complete the problem.
  • Compare 2-digit numbers and explain which is greater/less and why.
  • Watch a View teacher led video about verb tenses. Students respond to the video by typing  a list of verbs and stating the tense of each.
  • View an infographic (uploaded by the teacher) to locate facts about types of weather and the characteristics

Second Grade:

RL.2.7, RI.2.5, SL.2.2, SL.2.5

  • Conduct book discussions via Edmodo groups or create book reviews and post to Edmodo
  • Create a Photostory on their growth from baby unto present. Upload the Photostory to the group post to share. Narration can be done verbally and in text.
  • Create drawings to illustrate a story in Microsoft paint. Narrate and add image to Photostory. Post Story to the Edmodo group to share with classmates.
  • Complete a KWL on a new unit. Students will post what the Know and Want to know about the unit in Edmodo. At the end of the unit they will reflect on what they wrote in the beginning and tell whether or not they learned what they wanted to learn and if they knew what they thought they knew.

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