Easiteach is easier than you think…

I taught music for 12 years before becoming a Digital Learning Specialist. As a music teacher, I decided to make it my mission to give students a place to participate in authentic learning experiences in a fun environment.  I loved having engaged, excited students who were willing to learn and at the same time, perform. In order to create this atmosphere for all students, it immediately became necessary to find a way to build a rapport with the students that fostered confidence, trust, and freedom to create without fear.  Each and every lesson needed to be a building block to our main goal, share the love of music with others. Many of the lessons became interactive because as a group of performers, we needed to build trust, be accountable for our individual contribution to the whole, and agree to constantly become better musicians.

This is when I really became interested in using the interactive board to engage my students, create a team atmosphere, and secretly teach them what I expected them to know while they were having fun!  As educators, I believe we all have the same goal.  We all want our students to be successful and develop a love for learning that can then be shared with others.

Now that I am a Digital Learning Specialist in the county, I’ve been able to see plenty of great lessons that could be even more engaging using interactive software such as Easiteach.  Easiteach is easier than you think and once you make an interactive lesson, you can use it repeatedly in your classroom.  Some ideas how Easiteach can enhance your classroom:

  • create a page to practice skills taught such as a math board
  • use the writing randomizer to come up with writing topics for your students
  • create a math lesson using the interactive compass to teach topics such as radius and diameter
  • create graphs and diagrams to use to compare and contrast
  • use the number line to demonstrate and practice skip counting
  • use the virtual keyboard to allow students to practice reading music
  • use the virtual protractor to measure angles
  • create a storyboard in order to retell events in a story

The list goes on and on.  The widget options in Easiteach are simple to navigate.  Explore! Your students will love your interactive lessons and will benefit greatly. Below are a few graphics of lessons that were easily created in Easiteach:

gameboard2 gameboardcaterpillar

These files and others are stored in Edmodo Group:

https://edmo.do/j/y67epa or Group #:h79wsg.

Check it out!

You can also find more lessons here at the Easilearn Website.

Please contact me by clicking on my image above if you would like support for Easiteach.  I am happy to help you create your own interactive lessons!l

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