Clayton County Is Chromed Out!

Chromebook Text

In a society dominated by technology, a common concern for educators is, “How do I prepare my students for a digital world?” Clayton County has come one step closer to answering this question. The team of Digital Learning Specialists diligently worked to deliver Chromebook laptops and carts to 63 schools. With the changing expectations of what the 21st century classroom should look like, this was a needed boost for the Clayton County school district. Moreover, this year marks a shift in standardized testing. Instead of bubbling in circles on a sheet of paper, students will be clicking and typing their answers on a laptop.


In some schools this last wave of resources has brought about a major accomplishment. One elementary school principal stated that with delivery of these Chromebooks, it is now possible for each of her students to have access to a computer. As the district pushes forward to equip students to be prepared for college and careers after they leave Clayton County Public Schools, these computers will help classrooms begin to mirror the technology driven world that students are born into.


Chromebook Deployment Video

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