Georgia Milestones and Technology

Many schools across the nation are preparing for PAARC or PAARC-like assessments.  In Georgia, we are preparing our students for the Georgia Milestones Assessment.  As we prepare our students for this assessment, we have to pay special attention to key elements of testing in a computer-based platform.  Students will have to show their knowledge by doing such actions as “selecting”, “dragging”, and “highlighting”.

What does this all mean?  It means that we have to be conscious of how we assess students.  We have to get away from the typical paper and pencil, multiple choice questions and allow students to “show” what they know.  Allow students to select the sentence that contains the main idea or drag the paragraphs to the correct and logical order.

Teachers will truly have to integrate technology into instruction and not introduce technology like rolling the basketballs out at recess.  Teachers must allow students to use technology to “demonstrate” understanding.

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