What Can I Do with a Document Camera?

Document Cameras are often called “the overhead projector on steroids”.  This is mainly because it is indeed a replacement for the old overhead.  The advantage of the document camera vs. the overhead is that the document camera can display anything whereas the overhead is mainly used with transparencies.  Math teachers love the document camera because they are able to demonstrate the correct ways to solve math problems on paper as well as on the calculator.  Kindergarten teachers can have story time without the kids straining to see the illustrations.  And lastly, students can teach their peers or display model student work for the class to easily see.

In Clayton County Public Schools, nearly every school has access to the red “ladybug” document camera.  The video below will show you how to connect your camera and start exposing students to this wonderful piece of technology.  In the video below, we see how to connect the Lumens DC162 to a computer.  If you would like to use the USB software and do not have a CD like in the video, go to the Lumens Software library to download the Ladibug PC software.

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