Griffin RESA’s 2nd Annual Technology Drive In Conference…

Griffin RESA’s 2nd Annual Technology Drive-In Conference was held this past Thursday for educators in various districts across the Atlanta Metro Area. There was one session where I was not the only one who was eager to hear what this presenter had to share about using technology to Communicate, Collaborate, Think Critically, and Create in the classroom. There were a number of tools shared for each of the 4Cs that will help teachers make learning more engaging and interactive for students. ScootPad, Kodu, Smore, and Infographics are four resources that I believe will have your students excited about learning and engaged every step of the way.


ScootPad – Grades K-5

  • Allows teachers to access multiple classes by serving as co-teachers in groups
  • Has an e-book feature built into the program that allows the teacher to assign books to students
  • Teachers can assign homework or additional assignments for practice and remediation in all subject areas
  • Real time reports on student activity and progress are available
  • Parents can see their child’s learning outcomes


Kodu Game Lab- All Grades

This program allows students to develop games for the PC and Xbox. But before you protest, these games not just for fun and play, they are developed around stories that students have created.

  • Characters and settings are available for students to build a world around their story
  • It teaches students programming skills early on. The programming is easy enough for an 8 year old to understand.
  • The game development process requires students to use critical thinking skills


Smore – All Grades

Say goodbye to Publisher and hello to Smores!!!! You can now create colorful informational flyers and send to hundreds with one click. This isn’t one of your ordinary flyers that contain only text and photos; with Smores you can include YouTube videos, picture galleries, payment widgets, and event calendars. Educators and students can use this tool to send out class newsletters, advertise professional development classes, advertise school events, have students create flyers to highlight a part of a story, showcase a historical figure, or share findings from a science experiment.

Critical Thinking and

Infographics are visual representations of data that communicate a message. Students can move away from the stone age of using poster boards and step into the 21st century to present large amounts of information in a compact and easy way for them to understand.


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