Paperless Classroom – Week 1

Today was the first day of my Paperless Classroom course. I am so excited about teaching this new class and I hope my participants hold that same enthusiasm. With schools experiencing paper shortages, broken printers and copiers along with a limit on toner, there is a dire need for an alternative. Besides, isn’t paperless the way to go? Let’s think about it , bank statements-paperless, bills-paperless,  receipts, communication with long distanced loved ones, notes, bibles, books, they’re all PAPERLESS. Everyone else is getting on board, so I think it’s time we educators do the same.

In order for the participants to fully understand the technologies that will be covered in this class, I made it a 10-week course. 3-4 weeks will be dedicated to Blogging in the Classroom, Edmodo, Edublogs, and Sophia. The following weeks will be dedicated to other tools that will change the way teachers engage their students and create a community of collaboration and communication. Today’s focus was Digital Citizenship and Classroom Management. It is imperative that both of these topics are addressed before students begin utilizing any piece of technology. If you want to know more about what’s to come, stay tuned each week for an update on what was covered in class and information you can use.

 Paperless Classroom Presentation

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