Colorful QR Codes

When you see QR Codes in magazines, on food packages, and in the mall, they all look the same, with their black and white design. The best way to get someone’s attention is to stand out from the rest. Unitag is a generator that adds a little creativity to your codes. If you want your code to be noticeable and not the norm, then check out the various options this site has available for you.

This generator is free, but there are limitations. One of them being editing. Once your QR Code is created, any changes made to the information embedded will generate a new code. Another limitation to having the Free account is that you will not be able to track the number of scans for your code. The great thing about this account is that you can customize the QR Code with your favorite color, logo or design.

Unitag allows the user to generate a code with or without an account. I have found that you have more template options if you do not have an account versus when you create a free account. But don’t let this discourage you from setting up an account. If you have an account you can save your codes in the site’s dashboard. If you do not have an account or you would like to store the codes outside of the site, you have the option to download and save the codes to your personal storage. Just know that both options are available for you. It’s your preference.

Overall, I can say that this is a great QR Code generator to add to your list. Unlike the other generators I have found, and use often, I am able to personalize my codes using a variety of templates and colors. No more of the plain black and white square, add some pizzazz!

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