QR Codes in the Classroom

See them here, See them there, See them everywhere!!! How many times have you seen one of these codes and ignored it because you were not familiar with it? Well fear no more! These codes can contain anything from basic text and web-links to documents and photos.The QR stands for Quick Response. And believe me, if you have the right QR Code scanner you will gain access in a matter of seconds. People often mistake this image for a bar code. While it may be similar to a bar code due to its color and how information is accessed, they are very different. Bar codes read from left to right and QR codes are two-dimensional and can be read from any angle. The QR Code  is also capable of holding information a hundred times over what a bar code can hold. Once you find a code, you can access the information with a QR Code scanner.  The QR Code scanner can be used to scan the code and majority of them are free. As opposed to a bar code scanner which can become costly.

Why use QR Codes in education you ask? It’s simple, it cuts down on paper, toner for copiers, and it saves time. There are an abundance of uses for this tool and tons of information that can be embedded into the code. You can embed something as simple as a question or something as detailed as a PowerPoint Presentation. What you embed in your code depends on the purpose of the code. A few ways QR Codes can be used in the classroom are listed below.
Teacher Contact Information
Tutorials for Remediation
Scavenger Hunts
Book Reviews
Audio or Video Instructions
PowerPoint Lessons or Lectures Photos or Paintings
Parent Communication
Provide Learning Outside of the Classroom

Ready to start creating codes? All you will need is a QR Code Generator and Scanner. While there are loads of QR Code generators available, each of them offer different features. You will choose your QR Code generator according to what kind of code you want to create. Here are a few that I have found to be easy and useful.

TagMyDoc – Allows you to tag documents and photos. Others will scan the QR Code and download the document to their mobile or PC to have their own copy.

QRVoice – Create QR Codes with audio. When the code is scanned it will read the information embedded in the code to the user. Great for ELL students!

QR Stuff – This generator allows you to create 21 types different QR Codes.

Scan – This by far is the fastest QR Code scan application I have found. This scanner scans the code before you can blink your eyes.

ScanMyDoc – Scan the code and the document loads directly to your TagMyDoc account. Download the document or photo when you are ready. 

The best way to get comfortable using QR Codes is to start with a simple generator for basic text. The more codes your create the more comfortable you will become with creating codes. Throughout this month I will be highlighting scanners and generators that are my favorites. Be sure to come back for more highlights on QR Code generators and scanners.

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