Using Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom
Using Skype in the Classroom

The world is a smaller place now that we have social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, but Skype makes the world even closer.

Imagine a class in Clayton County and a class in Costa Rica working collaboratively on a foreign language project. It can happen! Not only that, students can speak to each other with live, real-time video.

Mrs. Toledo-Acosta from Eddie White K-8 Academy did just that!
Other possible uses for Skype:
1. Connect with an author.
2. Professional Development
3. Communicate with parents and/or homebound students.

Steps to start Skyping in your class:

1. Download, install, and register with Skype.
2. Use a monitored distance learning collaboration site such as to find teachers in other areas that may be interested in collaborating with a project or class assignment.
3. Set up a test connection with your ePal. Consider time zone differences.
4. Discuss the parameters of your connection and/or project.
5. Start Skyping.

1. Classroom management is key when videoconferencing. Tell students that they should communicate one at a time. If a student wants to ask a question, have them move closer to the camera to be seen and heard.
2. For privacy concerns, do not use your real name when signing on. Use a memorable alias. It is okay to use your correct email address. It will not be shown to the world, and you may need it to retrieve your password.

If anyone is interested in working on a collaborative project about the flooding in PakistanPakistan Flood Project.pdf, please let me know.

Some helpful links:

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