What is Edmodo?


What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is an educational site that uses the ideas of a social network to create a classroom website. Students can contact teachers and teachers can contact students by sharing ideas, problems, assignments, videos, and helpful tips. Students can ask the teacher or other students for help. A teacher can assign and grade work through Edmodo. It is a safe environment. There is no bullying or inappropriate content, because the teacher can see (and delete) everything that is posted on Edmodo. Parents can also join a class with limited use; they can send a message to the teacher or to their student and view calendars.

Edmodo can complement your teaching and allows you to improve methods of communication with your students outside the classroom. One great feature of Edmodo is the free iPhone/Android app. This allows students and teachers to receive view assignments, ask questions, or answer questions all through their phones. When a message is sent, the student/teacher can receive a text message on their phones, allowing for easy access to Edmodo anytime and anywhere.

Watch this clip of Mrs. Sequena Scott (formerly Ms. Sequena Green) and a few of her students share their experiences with Edmodo.

Some of the Features of Edmodo

After Hours Communication
Edmodo iPhone/Android App
Large File Storage


Edmodo Teacher Guide

Contact Your Media Specialist for a School Code.


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